American Family Martial Arts Karate Summer Camp 2020

Summer Camp Cancelled. See Ya Next Year?

@American Family Martial Arts

Learn Martial Arts
Play FUN games
Make new friends
Lots of physical activity
Learn skills for school

Tailormade Just For children

Did you know keeping kids active in our karate camp can actually improve their ability to do well when returning to school?

Child psychologists state that children who maintain some sense of a structured activity during the summer, like martial arts, do better in the initial months of the new academic school year. Martial Arts training through the summer reinforces a time commitment, necessity to practice, reminds students to follow through, and gives them the learning environment they need to reinforce the skills they’re learning, which in turn strengthens their retention of academic knowledge.

This Is Our Passion

Did you know that keeping kids active in programs like Martial Arts classes and camps can actually improve their ability to do well when returning to school?

 Unfortunately, sometimes these camps are an afterthought. But at American Family Martial Arts summer camps they are not! We balance whole brain learning with games that reinforce learning new things, keeping the brain active and flexible during the summer.

We continually learn about brain development and applying that to learning situations, so that your child can become the best version possible of themselves. 

Prevent summer brain drain!

By keeping the brain active throughout the summer with martial arts helps them to strengthen their retention of academic knowledge. Because of this at American Family Martial Arts we are able to reinforce learning skills, encourage time commitment, and follow through. We are capable of doing all of this in a fun environment all summer long so that we can help each ninja be outstanding when they return to school.

Weekly Camps. Amazing FUN. Beginner Karate.

What AFMA Offers you

    (can vary from day to day, and hour by hour)
    **before care 7:30 am
    9:00 am: bow in, songs
    9:15 am: class #1
    10:00 am: games
    10:30 am: snack/break
    11:oo am: games
    12:00: lunch/break
    12:30 pm: clean up & board games
    1:00 pm: art or games
    1:30 pm: class #2
    2:15 pm: snack break
    2:30 pm: clean up; board games
    3:00 pm: done for day
    *after care until 6:00

Mon: getting to know you; team building; leadership
Tues: Weapons
Wed: Ninja Warrior
Thurs: Fitness Day


Ages 6-14
9 am - 3 pm
(before & after care available)

Registration Fee $150

Includes 1 t-shirt personal water bottle, drawstring bag & NUNCHUCKS for weapons Tuesday snack card ($10 value)

Before Care/After Care

$10/session/per day $15/per day for both BEFORE: 7:30 AM -9:00 AM AFTER: 3:30 PM-6:00 pm **$1 per minute after 6 PM

cost $150/week

$150 per week **$150 registration fee sign up for 4 weeks or more & get each week for $125!


Campers bring their own lunches * Due to restrictions from the state, we can no longer serve snacks or lemonade. We will have pre-packed snacks (every camper gets a $10 drink/snack card) plus personalized water bottle that can be refilled during the day.

drop in/partial days

$45 per day $20 for 1/2 day/per day $100 for week of 1/2 days

Weekly Camps. Amazing FUN. Beginner Karate.

Jacky Tullier

Jacky is the Administrative Goddess for American Family Martial Arts.  That means she handles pesky details like accounting and payroll.  What she really likes doing is the social media. Many of the emails and social posts you see are created by her. 
For summer camp, she will provide a supervisory role and also be the “art director!!” 

Our Staff

Jessika Efferson

Jessika is the operations manager for American Family Martial Arts. 
She comes from both a teaching and basketball coaching background. 
Her duties include teaching our Tiny Tigers (ages 3 & 4) and Little Ninja (ages 5&6) plus our special needs class.
She also prepares and see the implementation of lessons plans for these groups as well as the 7-14 year old program. 

David Tullier

David is a 2nd degree black belt and has been doing martial arts since birth. Well since he could walk anyway!
His specialty in martial arts leans towards the “flash” side of things. This includes arnis, staff and now tricking. Tricking is a combination of martial arts and gymnastics. 
David will teach our martial arts classes over the summer. 

Weekly Camps. Amazing FUN. Beginner Karate.

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